Watch Elon Musk Send a Car to Mars and Learn About Bees in Space

First Watch This

Now Let’s Talk About Space Bees


Space Bees are a thing…or were a thing in 1984, when a small 3400 bee hive with a queen was introduced into a specially made module and launched into orbit where the colony was able to produce comb, store honey and produce eggs during a week long orbiting phase where they were also able to adapt to micro-gravity flight. This is a far cry from the 3-7 month journey they would need to make to get to a colony on Mars, but if we can overcome these challenges, small Honeybee colonies would be a much appreciated tool in the green houses needed to feed the estimated million person population needed to develop a self sustaining Martian city. Needless to say a bottle of Martian honey will be pretty expensive for your great grandchildren.

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